About me

I love music, the visual arts and walking in wild places. My business is built from these strands and I earn my living doing what I love, working as a musician, tutor, workshop facilitator and walk leader in Brighton, UK. I see myself as a creative adventurer in all I do and look forward to connecting with others who have a similar outlook.

I am a violinist, pianist, session musician, improviser, composer and music tutor working with individuals, groups and ensembles. I have taught violin, piano, theory and music classes for over 30 years, in schools and privately. I collaborate with other musicians, composers, dancers, writers, visual artists and film makers on joint workshops and projects. I have played in chamber and symphony orchestras, ensembles, quartets, duos, jazz bands, folk rock bands, improv groups and in contemporary music ensembles. I love free improvisation and make and play graphic scores. As a session player, I have worked with composers and bands for film soundtracks, albums and tv documentaries.

I facilitate music, art, crafts and writing workshops and have a particular interest in working with people who have never had the opportunity to explore such fields before. I always have a sketchbook in my pocket and love letting images, words and ideas flow there. I use ink, pastel, watercolour, collage and acrylics. I write fiction, poetry and non fiction and have had a blog since 2008. Searching for the perfect pocket-sized sketchbook has led me to design and craft my own, which I sell via Etsy.

I have always been a walker and started leading walks in 2014. Taking us beautiful and dramatic locations in Sussex, they often surprise people with unexpected routes far away from roads. In 2016, I finally grabbed hold of a bee in my bonnet that has buzzed for way too long and have set up "Walk with your sketchbook" workshops which combine sketching and writing with walking in wild places. It's great to share my love of landscape with others.

Please go to my website to read more about my work or to send me an email. www.anniekerr.co.uk