Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Under the surface

Under the surface, another world, mirroring part of the sky.

I was looking for an old photo the other day, remembering that it was on a blog post from a few years back. And opening up these pages, I let myself get sidetracked for a couple of hours, with a growing sense that I maybe I was actually searching for something else instead. Unable to put my finger on the exact thing, I knew I would recognise it when I found it.

I played with different template settings, stumbling upon the mosaic views that show many thumbnails on one page. And there it was….

Despite the slightly off kilter page layout that I can't seem to fix, pages and pages of images and little clips of each post reminded me of what I needed to know. So many creative adventures that I shared with you, the kind of high happiness times that so many of you also share on your own blogs.

And it's not like those times have disappeared from my life. I've been busy with other projects, other plans, with the day to day of earning a living and making dinner and having enough time to walk in the hills before it gets dark. I have pages on Facebook now, that keep me better in touch with family and friends, but I've decided to open up these pages again, carrying on where I left off, with plans to open up my Etsy shop again soon as well.

So, for now, looking forward to all the best reasons for being in touch with you again. Ax