Sunday, 25 October 2015

Scenes from a kitchen table

The back door is open, the towels are (optimistically) on the line, a robin is pecking through falling leaves throwing thin threads of song across the garden, the breakfast things are still beside the sink while I wonder if I want to make soup for lunch. That extra hour of clock time seems to have fallen into the day too soon.

Inspired by other pocketbooks I've made, here's what's happening in the chaos of my kitchen. These are full of sketches and notes, but it's great to use them as patterns and to use the things I like best about them to make more. 

There's a bit of a production line going on, helped by lots of tea and the radio. I like the precision, the hypnotic feel of the repetition.

Greyboard cut and trimmed.

Fabriano cut and folded. Covers and endpapers measured ready. Ribbons trimmed. Bracing myself for an afternoon of glue!!

10 new pocketbooks in progress and a head full of ideas as to how they might like to be filled, by me and others.