Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Timing the river run of oranges

This is my reflection on Cerulean's latest Drawing challenge. The theme is Time and poems, photos and drawings were welcome. Mine turned out to be poetic prose and a photo. Please take a look at Eric's interesting post over at his blog today. You can also follow links to the other participants there.

Thanks to Eric for organising and for having me join.

Timing the river run of oranges

10 bells count down the final seconds of the school day, of the week, haul the lazy clock into making proper sense. Classroom doors spill students across wet fields. They race along curving suburban streets, run down tracks through sandhills, meander home into and out of salt spray mirages.

The Ten Bells. Nearest pub to school. He sinks into the glory of doing nothing, takes a gulp of beer, loosens his tie. His class had laughed all day as they checked grid references and contour lines, had sniggered while setting stopwatches to time the river run of oranges.

He hears someone tap the 10 chimes on the bar. Hard to resist when you first visit. He glances down at his feet. Mud and grass from their field trip cling to the rugged soles of his shoes, one black, one brown.


Happy New Year, everyone. Hoping 2015 brings you many creative adventures. Ax