Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Starting right here

I've been away. But I actually haven't been anywhere. I've been right here, looking out from this little speck of a location at an ever changing sea and an ever changing sky.

And unsure about how or where to begin, I'll start right here.......

A gale rages outside, heaves against the front of the house, but it's so mild, I'm tempted to open the back door and let the dark in. I'm sitting in the kitchen eating gooseberry crumble. I've left the oven door open. Heat rages past me like a weight. I have a few gulps of green ginger wine left in the glass beside me. It doesn't go with the sweetness of the crumble, but I'm not complaining about either. I'll have a top up when I've finished dessert. The colour sits well with the caved in fruit, something slightly too bright about the green, slick, like a cordial, like a cure all, like a "drink me potion".

Earlier, I walked by the tide, watched for a hint of blue in the promenade puddles, caught some and clicked, liked the quirky that my eye caught. No-one on the beach. The solitude felt precious and rare for being so near to town as the holiday traffic crawled along the cliffs.

I waited to buy a net of oranges as everyone cleared the shelves and ran each other down in the process. I watched it happening around me, somehow apart from it all and yet, right there, right here, all the same.

A bee in my bonnet has been buzzing too long. I'm gathering material and ideas for a website. Trying to keep things simple and sometimes succeeding. Trying to get a different view on the things I do every day, right here, looking out from this little location at an ever changing sea and an ever changing sky.