Sunday, 23 March 2014

My right foot

Living beside a stony beach, everyone here always has the same dilemma - which shoes to wear? Old, just found or new?

One of the best things to do early on a weekend morning is to stroll into town along the edge of the waves to buy croissants and the paper. Most likely you'll have the beach to yourself, or maybe see someone out walking the dog, a few distant joggers or a lone sea swimmer slick as a seal, parallel to shore.

But you need to choose your footwear carefully before you hit the shore. There's no way flip flops will make the distance. They'll make you give in. You'll sneak up onto the promenade after less than 5 minutes, hoping to find no swathes of tide-hefted gravel or broken glass. Or you'll wish you'd put on sensible footwear when you get another pebble inside your jelly shoes.

You'd have to find the missing other to this pair, but how about this?

It comes with wildlife. Common goose barnacles. Their name apparently originates from the myth that these creatures would hatch into Barnacle geese.

Think I might stick with my old favourites.