Monday, 3 February 2014

Date with a windmill

Looking out to sea from the hilltop, Rottingdean windmill stands on the coast a couple of mills east from here. It cuts a lonely shape against the sky, faces all the weather throws at it and has many stories to tell. 

And I have been keeping a secret about it for some time now. 

The Futuristic Evolutionary Arts Turbine have created exhibitions at the mill for the last few years. This year, they've invited me to play music inside the mill with my duo partner Chris Parfitt at their open exhibition in May.  The theme this year is Space.

My current work with Chris includes sight specific pieces mixing live and recorded sounds and which are created for and within unusual spaces such as Rottingdean windmill. We'll be creating a live soundscape inside the mill at the Private view and on another date in May tbc, and possibly playing with other invited musicians as well. 

I've walked past the mill many times since I've lived in Brighton, but having spent time inside and  playing and doing some recording there, I've been inspired by the structure and the location to create a new solo piece, as hinted at in my previous blog post! I've been busy lately.

You can listen to this brand new track - called Sketching a windmill - either on the 2014 events page of the F.E.A.T website or on my Soundcloud page where you can listen to other tracks as well as hopefully read what others have said about them. I hope I've managed to capture some of the bleak beauty and solitude of this haunting building and it's atmospheric windswept location.

Chris and I can't wait for our date with a windmill. Please come and join us if you are nearby for interesting artwork, talks, walks, music and the windmill itself. Dates and details will be updated on the website. 

PLUS - there's still time to submit artwork if you would like to. All the details can be found by clicking on the F.E.A.T. open exhibition link above. Their homepage has buttons so you can follow them on Twitter or join them on Facebook. I've been told that this would make them very happy!