Sunday, 23 February 2014

A flip without a flop

Funny what storms bring and what they take. Everything has an odd lean, me included. Too much time indoors does NOTHING for my creative work. I'm like a caged bird. I might even be a flip without a flop.

Waiting for breaks in the clouds, I gently cooked the first crop of leeks, delved into the freezer and found a bag of last Summer's gooseberries. Something tells me I'm in need of a dose of green and a burst of light.

No surprise that the West Pier has seen some breaks. I'm amazed it's still standing. I watched it disappear into a slant of black brown clouds that raged from half the sky, peeped out from a seafront arch that glugged with white water spilling from the main road.

These jeans are doing well to stay pegged on that line.

But look what's coming anyway.......