Sunday, 12 January 2014

Where I sit

Writing on the beach yesterday. Drunk on being happy - as you can see. 

My first week back at work brought special musical moments with some of the kids I work with. I know we'll remember them for a long time. It felt like a gift. What you get when the weather's been bad over the holidays. Everyone stays in and does loads of practising!! 

But then.......Saturday afternoon. Sun warm enough to sit out in. All wrapped up for an hour. And I was happy all over again. I was working on a new piece inspired by the temporary loss of one of my favourite writing spots. 

I've spent many many hours writing on the sun terrace which stretches from across the road near here and heads into town away from the traffic. It's a great spot with wide views of the sea and a strolling procession of dog walkers passing by, like the screening of a film slow enough not to be distracting. There are some shots on previous posts here and here

Sadly, most of that level of the promenade has been fenced off for a while, due to the structure of Victorian arches that supports it being unsafe. First it was just one part behind grilles, but now most of it is inaccessible and the local paper moans about how much it will cost to restore. 

Given that I have a shady garden, I've had to find alternative writing spots for those sunny days when I can't resist being out and about. Not easy on the beach, given how WINDY it's been lately. Looking like some kind of a folly, the Madeira lift links the main road level of the seafront to the sun terrace and lower promenade, where there's a great music venue called Concorde 2. Also being renovated. (Is the whole town falling down and I didn't notice?!!)

Anyway, as you can see, the lift turret is looking lovely after being renovated. Be great if the rest of the work is done by the same team. 

You have to pick your moments to sit there if you want to get on, though. Usually, company comes along, sits quietly for a while swinging their legs and then asks if you're a famous writer. They soon lose interest and walk away when I tell them I'm not. But that's ok. It's a great lookout spot and perfect for daydreaming or having a little snooze.

So, here's the lift looking like a lantern under last night's moon as I walked home. And the next sunny day we have, I'll be there with my notebook.