Saturday, 25 January 2014


A fluid mosaic. A jigsaw of sensations, images, thoughts, visions still too far off to see. A puzzle that has multiple solutions, none of them found yet. So many possible juxtapositions and options, that the only way to start is to cut some back.

I wish I could have been the spectator, watching the whole process from the slightly bored beginnings, to the sifting and shuffling of meandering threads, to the dynamic burst of energy when something, some elusive quiet spark opened up a new space and I could hear the possibility in what I had begun.

It reminded me of a wooden puzzle I had as a child. Shiny wooden shapes. Red, black, dark forest green and a creamy white where the grain still showed through the stain. These shapes fitted back into their flat square box if you followed a sequence of repeating patterns. The only solutions used rotational symmetry. I was hooked, but I also liked making my own designs that didn't follow the rules and left blank spaces.

Sounds and silences. What I've been working with. New music being composed. Too early to tell you what the project is yet, but it's VERY EXCITING and I'll tell you nearer the time.