Monday, 16 December 2013


I nearly didn't go on the last photo walk. Pier to pier along the beach and promenade. I thought I'd seen it all on the stretch of beach that I use so much as my walking route home from town.

But it's amazing what you notice even in the grim of a dark Sunday near the end of the year. Interesting how your take on things changes just by having a camera in your hand, what you take a closer look at when you see one of your friends setting up a shot of something you overlooked.

Beach cafes closed for the winter, amusement arcades flashing and booming to no-one, kids and a digging dog with the volleyball pitch sand to themselves. Seems like I had a horizontals and verticals theme going on.

Some 190 shots later, it was time to head inside to warm my hands around a cup of tea and catch up with what the others had been snapping.

And then the sun came through those grey skies and I strolled home parallel to a thin band of low tide sand.