Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The pavilion at night

Projections onto Brighton Pavilion.  From a few nights ago. Was interesting to see images inspired by colours and patterns from the interior of this beautiful and quirky palace projected across the beautiful architecture of the outside, at night. 

This was to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition Turner in Brighton which includes a recently acquired painting of the town painted from the sea. In the centre of the picture in the link, you can see the white domes of the pavilion depicted by Turner, although I think he's done a bit of improvising with the perspective. 

Anyway, such things are lovely diversions from all the time I am sitting at my desk, typing. Yes - that time of year again. November just wouldn't be the same without the wardress that is Nanowrimo. Today, I headed past the 14000 words mark, so will enjoy playing some music tonight as a bit of a change.