Saturday, 30 November 2013


Rare, these days. Corks. Almost every bottle of wine comes with an easy open, easy close screw top. Great if you just fancy one glass. But I do miss the sense of occasion the soft pop of a cork brings, how it draws the fragrance out behind it. 

Having written in excess of 58000 words through November, which I've now drawn to a temporary close, I've enjoyed a fine glass or 2 of NZ Sauvignon Blanc to round things off. 

I like this row of wine corks lined up as part of someone's fence, wished I had more than 3 of my own stashed in the kitchen drawer waiting to start my own version. 

I've been taking lots more photos lately, having joined a photography group in the Summer. I wanted to meet some new people with similar interests and also to look more closely and playfully at the ordinary and the extraordinary that is right here, all around. I've made some interesting new friends and it's been great to see what other people notice. What we all see differently on the same street corner is an inspiration. 

On my mind as I've been typing away through the last month, has been this blog. I've been asking myself if what I set up several years ago still serves me and my creative work in the same ways as before. And I guess the unsurprising answer is that sometimes it does and sometimes not. I struggle to keep hold of the thread of it. Yes, I could close Inkhaven, but I would desperately miss the connections with blog friends I've made across the world and of that sense of being part of a creative community across art forms and genres.

So, all these ideas are bubbling up and floating into space.....

Having taken lots of photos in the centre of town, where we seemed to cause a stir as there were so many of us snapping away on quiet side streets, we finished one of our photo walks watching the bubble man. It wasn't just the kids who were spellbound. I love the palace turret floating up into the trees.

Blogs and blogging have changed. And I think the writing of them has changed as well. Perhaps I also need a change? Maybe? Except right now, I don't know how else to do it.

At least....

not yet.