Sunday, 24 November 2013

After 50000 words

What to do after passing your word count of 50000 words at 8.30 am in the morning?
(This is Nanowrimo 2013.)

It was only after I saw the word counter roll past the magic number that I realised I hadn't got anything else planned for today. Not that I've finished ityet. Still got a few ideas I want to play around with. So, I enjoyed feeling very satisfied, had another cup of tea, swept up the leaves in the garden, filled up the seed feeders for the birds and decided to hit some hills.

I rode the top deck of the express bus right along the cliff road and it was great to see the fields pushing against the edges of the town, all that space flooding in. Too much time at a desk on dark days with not enough blue shining in on me made it feel like such a treat.

As you can see from the shots - most were way too dark to post - despite the weather forecast saying there would be no rain, the sky had other ideas. All very moody until it started to rain on me and then I wasn't so keen. Still happy, just not keen on being caught in a downpour with no shelter in sight.

So, I abandoned my plans for a much longer walk, given that the next bus back to town was in 5 minutes. Instead of hunching up and looking at the rain, I was still taking shots at the bus stop and then got to watch the dramatic sky show on the way home.

Thank you to those of you near and far who have cheered me on from the sidelines. Will be raising a glass tonight!