Thursday, 14 November 2013

2013 wordrush

So this is how it goes. An hour here and there. Write without editing. Later, make a cup of tea, sit at the desk and type those words. Correct typos and cut out repetitions. Watch the word count grow.

I know, watching someone typing is not a great spectator sport. However, that's what November is bringing again, with me getting another wordrush of a novel out of my head and into text. My eyes are unbelievably tired. But I just passed 31000 words and am pleased with how my ideas are running with me like a silent captive.

Squeezed in between work and LIFE, it's good to continue with other things while the words compost down a bit. Daydreaming on the upstairs of the bus gliding along the seafront has never felt so good.

Seems to be a month for spammers to get busy as well. Maybe they have their own national spamming month? I don't know if anyone else has noticed?