Thursday, 3 October 2013

National poetry day 2013

The theme this year is "Water, water everywhere" and you can find out what's happening here.

They have a lovely theme page with lots of watery and non watery topics you can click on. The tabs lead you to poems which I've been browsing over breakfast - no better way to start the day. Why don't you give it a try? Go on, read one out loud!

Happy national poetry day!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I will get myself to the site...thank you! Reading out loud is another whole different experience so I will do that as well!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Annie, I love poetry, and what could be a more fitting subject than water? I'll definitely look them over. I'm intrigued by the photo here; is this a poem? Is it yours?

Annie said...

Hi Mary Ann. Thanks for letting me know. You've made my day! I'm very impressed. I'm sending you a virtual gold star!! Hope you enjoyed reading what you found and happy happy happy national poetry day!

Hi Sharmon. Thanks. Hope you enjoy having a browse. I did take the photo, but it's actually of a textbook that I was using as my first experiment with altered and folded books. I was so impressed with how the text looked, that I didn't take this one any further. It still feels mysterious to me, so I look at it across the room a lot!