Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Getting the wind in your hair

That time of year when I struggle with having less time outdoors and find myself adrift without outdoor den places to work in. Yes, I  could wrap up in every waterproof I own and shuffle out to the wind-wrecked beach with my notebook in a rustling plastic bag, but it's not what I had in mind.

I have been consumed by a piece that came bubbling into my notebook last month, just a short piece. Except soon I was adding a bit more each day. Some days it was the only piece I worked on. Some days I wrote pages and pages. So, before I knew it, a short story became a much longer one and the word count grew. 

I look back at that first page I wrote and wonder how it managed to spark off so many words. Thankfully, I just got on and wrote them down. Lots of them!

After all of that, there's no surprise that I've needed a rest. Lots of walks in the rain. Gazing into space. Picking my apples. Planting new garlic and broad beans. Doing the weeding with no thoughts in my head. And going out even when the sky is a white drag of bluster and rain spittle.

The other day I went out with Karen and met some gorgeous Exmoor ponies who have been brought into a conservation area on the Downs to do some useful grazing. Never has standing around in a wet field been so much fun!! As you can see, they had the wind in their hair as well.