Sunday, 8 September 2013

The best year of fruit

I was weighed down with a happy harvest yesterday as I came home from the plot.

This incredible best year for fruit continues. Our dwarf apple tree is being hugely challenged by gravity. When I bent down to pick up some windfalls, I got donked on the back of the head by the best looking Bramleys ever. Not that they needed to remind me of anything. I already knew what I'd be cooking up when I got home.

This next shot is one I didn't post back in whichever month it was, but it has to be one of my favourite shots ever. My dusty old boots beside PART of this year's gooseberry crop at the end of a hard working day. We reckoned we harvested about 7 kilos in all!!

 So, while the oven was on, I sat just outside the kitchen door

ready for the first blackberry and apple crumble. Who needs to wait for cream?