Sunday, 11 August 2013

Drawing impromptu

Over at Fabrica, I collaborated with Jane Fordham and Kate Shields to offer an experimental drawing workshop exploring the relationship between sound and gesture. He we are at the beginning of the day. Kate modelled for us and played the saw. Jane is holding her violin drawing board and charcoal-on-a-stick bow.

It was a wonderful day and if I hadn't been playing, I would definitely have been getting my hands dirty. Oh, to be able to run it again with a piece of charcoal in my hand.

I love this next shot showing everyone mirroring the movements I made as I played, while they tried not to look at their work.

The current installation is Susie MacMurray's Resonance. You can see shots I posted in a previous blog post from when Chris and I played at the opening here. We wanted to bring Susie's work into the workshop somehow, so Jane came up with drawing on cones. Here's a wonderful shot of Pat and Rachel exploring the sounds made when you draw or paint on a cone of paper that is on your head. This got very dynamic and these 2 were having a ball!

Rachel made several scrolls of her work which reminded me of graphic scores. 

I love this next piece by Ruth Rix. There was a lot of sound in this workshop, but her work seems to have captured some of the silence as well.

 I love how this next piece still seems to be in motion, the dark curving line along the bottom section and that grey hand reaching across.

Hal cropped some of his work and taped together some long sweeping pieces which he had hanging on the pillars at one point. They looked like we could have played them back to him.

And here's part of a long frieze drawn by James. It took my breath away.

Once again, it was wonderful to spend the day working and playing in such an inspiring place with such inspiring people.