Saturday, 1 June 2013

Newsprint and dried glue

Sign of a good day, strolling home through town with newsprint and dried glue on your hands and ideas bumbling in you for pieces you're dying to get back to work with. 

I had such a great afternoon at Phoenix Gallery here in Brighton, joining in some of the activities in their Off the page session, including getting totally engrossed in making a concertina book with collaged covers picked from old magazines. I adored these images from the pages of a battered and faded National Geographic. It would be great to know who the photographer was. 

Anyway, the current exhibition is called Press and release  - an exhibition of artists' books. On until 9th June. And all I can say is, go if you can!! Sarah Bryant who is one of the exhibiting artists says this show is "The best book exhibition ever." She has some lovely photos of the exhibition on her blog - scroll down down down to item 2 to find them and you'll see what she means. 

I ran out of time to do all the things I wanted to do there today, but it was great to discover possible solutions to book art accidents and catastrophes that have made me give up in the past. While my concertina book had a bit of a press before being taken home, Lee Shearman sat with me and we got the scissors out to work through what not to cut away and mountain and valley folds.

Xelis de Toro was offering a writing exercise which is dictated by spinning a wheel and throwing dice. I was blown away by the piece I came up with in just a couple of minutes. 

And even though we were out of time, another artist  - we didn't pause to tell each other our names -kindly shared what has eluded me so far - she talked me through making 2 types of one page foldy booklets! 

So, guess what I'll be doing over the next weeks?