Friday, 22 March 2013

Another March hare

Tomorrow, I'm going to be playing as part of another March hare crossover. The idea behind these gigs is that each set segues into the following one, so the performers and artists involved can share the performance space as a one-off crossover adventure.

Looking forward to mixing ideas in those shared moments. No idea how the running order might go, or what some of these other performers will bring to the gig. All very exciting. Going to be trying out a set of sketches that need such a performance space in order to move forward.

Crossing over are - The barrow boys, someone called Annie Kerr, Sunsets over Whitehawk, Kiersty Boon and Pivorting rivetts.

So, if you're in Brighton and fancy an evening of interesting sounds, please come and join us at The Coachhouse, 22 Walpole Rd, Brighton, BN2 OEA