Thursday, 13 December 2012

Turning towards another year

Decided not to pull these old corn stalks up just yet. They might be fading back to some kind of transparency, but have stood through the Winter so far and they are about the most sculpturally interesting feature at the plot, unless you count an awkwardly leaning shed.  The leaves have weathered to be almost as soft as tissue and don't sound like papers rustling in the wind any more. We'll keep them for a bit longer.

But here's what's emerging, amazingly, after surviving a plague of caterpillars who managed to munch many of the first leaves. (Which birds feast on caterpillars? And why didn't they swoop over for a feast?)

Looks like we'll be having some purple broccoli soon. Don't all come round at once, though as I think there might be just a few stems.

The parsnips didn't do very well this year. Maybe we had some bad seed? Anyway, these will need a few shop-bought friends to help the Christmas dinner along. But still, we have a harvest better than we expected.

However, this is the best bit. After growing broad beans for the first time last year, and with great success, here's what's happening already in the cage.

I think every seed except one has grown into a happy seedling and let's hope the pigeons and crows can't reach them.

And in the apple tree.....