Monday, 5 November 2012

Sun terrace

Middle of the day. On the sun terrace overlooking the beach. Such a treat. Warm enough to take off my scarf and coat. A sea so calm I could be lulled to sleep on that gentle rocking. 

I'm drinking in all that blue as I write. It's the most I've written in a notebook for days, as this is the month of sitting at a desk for far longer than I usually do. This precious sun is too good to miss. I'll type it up later.  

So, here's my favourite writing spot. What else would anyone need? Cushion, tea, a view of the beach and sky, kids laughing in the playground, the distant shush of waves, a songbird I can't see and this sun helping my word count come closer to 10000 words. Later today, I hope to reach that first big milestone.

Thanks for all your supportive comments.