Sunday, 11 November 2012

Spectator sports

It's not exactly interesting if you're on the sidelines. Watching someone sketch out a novel is never going to catch on as a spectator sport. 

Maybe if you could look over the shoulder of one of the world's most famous, outrageous, gorgeous or flamboyant novelists it might be fascinating to have a quick look at their desk, sneak a look at that work in progress, see what they wear at dawn, check if their hair is a mess, see how long they spend staring into space? 

A pen runs across another page. Frantic fingers type on the keys before the thin wisp of an idea floats out of reach. Not exactly grand gestures. Just many many small ones. I wait for the kettle to boil, tell myself I'll go out to the beach after this next cuppa. Then I get back to the computer where a new page of words tempts me back and I leave half of my cup of tea untouched. Most of the time it looks like nothing much is happening. But somehow, I just got past 25000 words.

The ironing pile slips and slides when you walk past it. The kitchen floor has an interesting footprint design. The sun is beaming through cold skies and I AM on my way out to the beach. Look, I have my shoes on and a scarf and my keys are beside me, but I just need to type these words.......