Monday, 19 November 2012

Leaves. Clouds. Words.

The sun was gorgeous yesterday. I kicked my way through so many fallen leaves. Swept them up from the garden, then watched the ground turn to gold again through the day and swept up some more. More and more bare branches criss cross the sky. Couldn't quite believe I caught this shot in the park.

And earlier in the week, I was looking out at the clouds as I rode the bus home after work. Did the right thing and put dinner on hold until I'd run across the road to catch these shots.

Lovely moments, out and about, although not quite enough, due to the temporary desk job that is keeping me busy. Words are still on the go for this year's Nanowrimo novel, although I might need a few days off reading by the end of this - my eyes are so tired. Today, I went past 43000. Too big a number for me to get my head around, so I'm just trying to keep on going until I grind to a relieved halt.