Sunday, 25 November 2012

After the big heave

Just as an incoming wave can take you by surprise, rushing up the beach to come and kiss your heel, I seem to have slipped past the word target for this year's Nanowrimo without actually seeing the magic 50000 turn to 50001.

Late on Thursday, I eased up at 50597. I poured a shot of whiskey, ate a little iced cake covered in sugar strands - shop bought. Way too sweet, but perfect for that moment. Then I slept like I might never wake again, knowing that the next day I was going to have a day off from it.

The first day without the project for 3 weeks. Felt odd not to be setting aside an hour to sit at the desk and type like crazy. And now, it's good to feel again the scratch of pen on paper and see new ideas emerging wherever I happen to be. Back to normal after the big heave.