Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trying not to mention you

Trying not to mention you

string cord bone dove fawn
archive matchstick smoked trout cat’s paw 
brinjal bourbon heath sand peach stone

savage ground joa’s white London clay
mahogany Oxford stone mouse’s back
button polish elephant’s breath skimming stone

alhambra sepia onion skin
antique earth amber gris palm honey
burnt juniper olive paste pumblechook

wade’s lantern pier point donkey ride
wittering sands muddy wellies paw print
tanner’s brown

cobble tundra raw earth tufa
ecru basswood pumice scarab
brogue mud doe malm lark


Playing with words. I love some of these. They are even better if you read them out loud. Go on. I know you want to! 

Fancy having your kitchen walls painted in pumblechook? Guess what colour it would turn out to be?

Brown. Seems like no-one wants to mention it.

Thanks to a bunch of paint colour charts, playing with words was definitely on the cards for me last week as Festival of brown culminated in a performance with comedy, thoughts, dance, music, readings. 

There's a lovely sequence of images at the festival blog which you can browse here.