Tuesday, 18 September 2012


So pleased to have been invited by Sabine and Peter to take part in an interesting project called Festival of brown. A group of artists will be meeting to create and stage an exhibition/performance this week and hope to bring all the threads together for a final "show"on Sunday.

I had no idea who would be there last night, except I guessed there would be a few familiar faces, but it was so good to go straight from work to spend time and share food with musicians, dancers and artists and to get the ideas for this project rolling.

From our first meeting last night, it looks like there's going to be a rich and earthy mix of playful and exploratory   dancefilmpaintingwordsimagesmusicsketchingcomedyslidesimprovisationsculpture   with participants linking up or contributing to group pieces.

So, my lovely brown instrument will be joining the party and I'll be penning some new words in brown ink, possibly with a comedy theme and taking along some lovely brown driftwood to contribute to sculpture/installation and possibly making a tea loaf to cut into brown slices for us to share.

Funny, how suddenly the world looks beautifully brown now we've started noticing!!

Here's the link to Sabine and Peter's blog.


And also on Sunday, I'll be reminded of a response I made to questions Seth Apter posed way back in June 2011. So, like me, you'll have to head over to Seth's blog on Sunday to find out!