Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Watching a river

I've been watching a river. 

I was staying in the Yorkshire Dales in Wharfedale and these shots are of the lovely moody River Wharfe which held my gaze when I wasn't climbing hills or exploring caves and other features of limestone landscapes that this region is famous for. 

Wharfe is a celtic name meaning winding river, and I love the wide sweeping curves between the oaks and chestnuts, but there are weirs and waterfalls, gorges and quieter places where trout snatch at flies.

As you can see, the weather was pretty moody as well. My camera frowned a lot, so lots of my shots are disappointing. Will post some more soon if I can rescue them.

It's a region that knows all about the colour green, so no surprise that I found and bought a new raincoat while I was staying there, having been looking for one for months. It's obviously what brought on our current heatwave. The beach here back at home is packed with people soaking up the sunny glory as they cloud it with bbq smoke, and I'm making the most of strolling out at dawn or dusk. 

It was great to have a week off writing and odd to walk for miles and not write, as the two things are so obviously connected for me. (Yes, I rarely have time off my creative work, but it was exactly what I needed before I get on with polishing a huge project I'm working on and hoping to bring to a show. Normal service has resumed since I've been back with the words rattling away and a couple of new poems emerging.)

I'm remembering so many vistas with hardly anyone there and no traffic, a place where the weather on the uplands changes the valley within hours.

If you're in Brighton tomorrow, I'm playing in the Wildcard Quartet. Should be an interesting one - violin with guitar, percussion and dance. Here's the link to all the info.