Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Found on the undercliff

Walking along, thinking of nothing in particular, I found this board, carried it home even though it made my hand blue and rubbed chalk down one leg. I thought I'd use it as a base for a painting, except....

Except, having had it in the kitchen since the weekend, I love it exactly how it is! Treasure!

And it has got me thinking. This is the kind of artwork I've been attempting (and failing) to produce these last few years. So, instead of using square or rectangular canvases and boards, guess where I'll be looking? Yes, the tide line and maybe a skip in a backstreet for discards. And instead of tightening up and scratching my head hoping to be inspired I just need to press go and explore materials in a way more akin to how I do free writing or free improv music. More akin to how I produce other work that I then go on to polish or edit or develop. More akin to how I work best.

I always liked throwing and pouring ink, rubbing surfaces in sand and grit, letting the land add something to my sketches, using thick gesso or decorating filler and scratching into it.

All very exciting. I feel the kitchen table might not do any more!