Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mid Summer

I've had to remind myself lately, that this is mid Summer. Too many dark hours sitting at a desk, or taking shelter in the shed hoping that the roof holds out, hiding under trees that drip as much as the sky, or running to catch that bus over there going somewhere I don't really want to go because it's better than standing out in the downpour. 

I keep telling myself that the rain is just balancing out our drought. Great to hear it just got lifted after floods and deluges did the trick. Here's what headed our way the other day. It was like a silent film. I watched it racing towards shore, made a dash for home and slammed the door when that white crest started falling like it was surf. 

Luckily, I've had a huge project on the go, so all these hours stuck indoors have paid off. The ironing is all done, which is a bit worrying and that towering stack of papers on the kitchen table seems to have dwindled away. 

My plot seems to enjoy whatever is thrown at it, although the frog and slow worm population can't keep up with the slugs and snail feast. Here's what came by accident. Self seeded from a few heads last year. Waist high daisies. We've decided to leave them because they just make us smile.