Saturday, 26 May 2012

Things in threes

All coming up in the next week, three duo gigs with different music buddies. Lots to look forward to.
Please come and join us if you're in Brighton.

Tomorrow - Sunday 27th May 8pm
Sitar and violin
I'm playing a set of new pieces with Garima.
We're sharing the gig with Nil and Scrying ylem.

Wednesday 30th May 8pm
Guitar and violin like you might never have heard them before.
A set with my favourite guitarist, Dave Allen.
We're sharing the gig with ACZ and the Static memories.

Saturday 2nd June 8pm
Double bass and violin
Gus Garside and I play in various combos, but this is a new venture.
We're sharing the gig with Sunsets over Whitehawk, The Y bend and Simon Drinkwater

The Coach House is a lovely small venue in a back street in Brighton. Great place to play and a great place to come and hear unusual gigs. Get there early as it is a small venue!! Put some £ in the donations pot at the door. Cash bar. It's near the hospital and Brighton College.

The Coach House
Down the side path
22 Walpole Road

Here's the link to the Coach House pages.