Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Picked in the drizzle

Picked in the drizzle, the last leeks and the first rhubarb came home and scented the kitchen. And although there are clumps of weeds taller than some of the crops, it's good to see the ground has enjoyed rain after rain. 

There are a couple of new projects on the way as well as the usual stuff we grow every year. Celeriac seedlings bought from a stall, looking a bit like parsley. I'm wondering how they'll ever grow into big, rough globes ready from the Autumn. Guess I'll find out!! And here are the broad beans we're trying for the first time. They seem to be doing well. It's good to learn what they like for support and to watch them do their thing, never having had them before. Not sure how long until that French style salad that I so love.

It's been so good to see and hear the bees happy in the apple tree and on the rosemary flowers. Guess they've sat out of the rain a bit like me these last few weeks. Making up for lost time.