Monday, 23 April 2012


Tonight is World book night and you can check online to see if any events are planned in your neck of the woods by clicking here.

As you can see, my crate is here and I enjoyed opening up a stash of books by one of my absolute favourite writers - Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson. I love his work. He's one of the few writers who has the ability to make me laugh out loud. He also writes about the bizarre things we all find in everyday life and usually take no notice of. 

I've been giving out some books already today, but it's pouring with rain and my sunny day plan has been abandoned. But, I've left a few books on upstairs seats of buses as they drive around town. So, if you happen to sit down on a bus beside a lonely looking book, remember, it's yours!! If you find one, hope you enjoy it and pass it on.