Friday, 13 April 2012

Time for a beer

Friday night, and I so want a beer!! 

Last time I wrote here, I was planning on making a start with that notebook, finding the good bits and hauling them back out into the light again before I lose them. April's Napowrimo is the trigger that somehow makes me adopt more sensible writing habits than normal. At least that's how it's been other years. 

So, you might be thinking that it's gone so well that I want to celebrate with a beer as I settle into the weekend and put my feet up! 

Well, my poetry month plans have been put to one side because it seems that my muse has other ideas.

What's been happening instead is far more exciting and just makes me happy!! The big project I started work on last Summer has suddenly taken on another lease of life. Totally by surprise. 

After a scratch performance in December that was wonderful in showing me how the piece could come alive, I fell into a word frenzy and the words just let rip. But then it all went quiet. Very quiet. For a few months. Gulp!! Any attempts to work on the piece seemed to draw blanks. When I made space to focus on that piece one weekend, all I could do was gaze out of the window and watch the rain, oddly happy to be doing only that, while all my pages were laid out across the room and I knew it wasn't ready to happen.

Walking the beach yesterday, with no introduction, I was in scene 2, picturing the set, the characters, the drama, my heart pounding, every stone seeming to slow my feet down in their effort to get home. You know those 93 steps up from the beach? They felt like a thousand and I cursed every one.

So, back to those scenes, adding new ideas, rewording the dialogue, reviewing, rethinking. It all feels better. I'm so relieved that I've got on with what I've been wanting to be doing. Satisfied. Tired. Happy. Now, where's that beer?

* The shot is of the advertising hoarding outside a bar in Liverpool. Make your own mind up about the quote.