Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring has sprung

Looks like Spring really has sprung.

I sat beside this row of hyacinths as I ate my lunch at the plot today. Hot in the sun. It felt so good after digging and weeding, hoeing and trimming. But the ground in the beds we've prepared for planting is like grey dust. More like how it gets in July and August. I'm worried about the new onions we planted a few weeks ago, and how any seed will fare now we're officially in a drought.

Yes. In March. In England. Large swathes of it. And here, we're soon to come under strict measures to save water.

Despite what I read about climate change, these hyacinths came into bloom the same week they normally do. So I'm taking it as a sign that the plants know what they're doing and hoping the onions will be pushing up the dust in late Summer as well.

Now I must go and scrub my dusty nails as I have an interesting gig tomorrow night with my favourite duo partner guitarist, Dave Allen. It's at the March Hare which is a crossover event between musicians and artists at the Coach House in Kemptown. I think everyone's wondering what it might be like. We're hoping our set will emerge out of and blend into a mix with the performers who are on stage before and after us. Fingers crossed. Here's the link to the info.