Friday, 30 March 2012

Days like these

Days like these, once you've started walking, you feel like you never want to stop.

Not enough hours spent in such places for me this week, but the longer days and our early blast of Summer sun make it all feel possible. There have been some gorgeously still mornings on the beach here in town, the kind of mornings where there's no horizon visible.

These shots were taken a few miles along the coast from here, from Seaford Head which is separated from that line of Seven Sisters by the River Cuckmere. Amazing that I caught that first view looking East how I like it best - with no-one else there!! 

This next one, looking down and West, changes with every season as erosion bites in. I wish I'd taken a shot of the same view every time to compare. That lone stack left on the beach diminishes each time I go there. But now I've taken the shot it makes me go a bit funny as I hadn't noticed those two people standing right at the edge!!