Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Birdsong is back

The birdsong is back, in full glory. Precious days like these, there's lots to sing about. 

He's out in the garden right now, digging through all the old twigs, leaves and stalks that I swept up yesterday and piled onto the soil. He doesn't sing here. The other birds provide the soundtrack. This blackbird likes to check up on me. Maybe he found a few bits of apple core he missed yesterday?

He just comes for snacks and diggings and an occasional messy bath that leaves no water in the tray. Sometimes he brings his mate and they dig through everything again and scatter the path with old tea bags. Maybe there will be chicks this year?

At my old house, another blackbird inspired this piece. And it was lovely to hear last week that my words from back then had inspired someone to get busy. Fiona Dempster emailed me and asked if she could use my words and I was absolutely thrilled when she sent a few shots of what she had in mind!! 

You can read about her new piece over at her blog. It was even better when the postman brought a package from the other side of the world with my words taking flight again. Now it's displayed across the top of my piano. Thanks again, Fiona. I love it.