Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trying to forget it's February

I thought we'd be waking up to snow this morning. Hills on the outskirts of town have a covering. But not just here. After one of the coldest weeks I can ever remember, I was looking forward to sitting beside the window watching the sky flake down.

Trying to forget it's February, I walked the grey beach under dark clouds instead, found this tangle of net and rope caught on an old jetty, took a few photos and hurried home for soup.

Out in the garden, there seemed to be something agitating the birds. When I looked out, I saw that their water tray has finally thawed. A family of blue tits is taking a noisy bath in it.

If I traced every flight path they turn across the garden, I'm sure it would weave a mesh of lines caught in branches, just like that net on the beach. And maybe that's what I'll watch as I sit beside the window this afternoon......