Saturday, 25 February 2012

Piano on the beach

I told you I live in a quirky town.

Strolling in sun that made me take my coat off, that made me wish I could just lie on my favourite seaside bench and doze through the afternoon. Nearly home. There it was. A piano on the beach. And hardly anyone blinked an eye.

I ran home for the camera, knowing no-one would believe me. They still don't. But maybe that's because I spend so much time making things up as I go along?

Thursday's gig went really well and was LOTS of fun.
It was great to get into the swing of things and to read 2 sets of poems and also to have feedback from the audience. Thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes for it. Ax


And, I just heard that a few of my thoughts will be featured in Seth's post tomorrow over at the Altered page. This will be part of the Master class series. Be interesting to see what Seth has chosen to link to tomorrow.