Tuesday, 14 February 2012


One of the best things about living in a seaside town? A remedy to Winter grey is always close by in fairground rides and the pier and strings of fairy lights. Right now, from my front doorstep, you can see the pier shouting into the night.

But my favourite time there is at dusk, watching the sky backdrop change behind all the lights. These shots were taken at the weekend after a day bursting with sun. (We haven't seen any since.) It was one of those days when you just had to wrap up and be out in every last moment of daylight and walk home in the dark.

My camera isn't too great at seeing in fading light, so it was great to find it had made its own interpretations of some of the wave forms that I nearly erased, thinking they had come out as blanks.

And even though everyone seemed to be staying out, there was a calm that I stood and watched until I could hardly see it any more.