Sunday, 29 January 2012

Garden birdwatch (+ 600 posts)

29. Garden birdwatch

All in an hour.
Blackbird, great tit, dunnock.
Three blue tits.
Two starlings.
Jay, robin, wren.


AND this is my 600th post on Inkhaven. All of this would not have happened without you, dear readers, for what use is a blog unless it interacts with others? So thank you to everyone who has visited Inkhaven, be it as a regular reader, as a follower, as a lurker, as someone who has recently found me through the River of stones , or as someone who has become a blog friend. Thank you one and all for all your comments.

There will just be a couple more stones to see me to the end of January and then it will be back to usual service here, so I hope you'll be back soon.

Thanks again. Love, Ax