Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Stormy rainbows

Here so soon, Stormy Rainbows all the way from Australia! Thanks so much, Fiona.

My name was drawn out of the hat for Stormy rainbows - a set of 7 gorgeous handcrafted notebooks - in Fiona's blog giveaway. They line up beautifully in their own box and I know it's going to be really hard to choose which one to start writing or drawing in first. You can be sure they'll be in my pocket on a few adventures!

I was just thinking that I'd head down to the beach in a little while, my first proper beach walk right by the waves for some time. All those stones have been waiting for me to get better! Except now we seem to be having another burst of rain and a few more stormy rainbows are being cast down to earth.

I'm very much on the mend after my accident and feeling more my usual self again. Thankfully my violin survived unscathed. Obviously, it did the right thing and let me fall first so it could crash land on top of me! I'm able to play again, although my right arm is a bit creaky still. But I was able to play on some recordings for someone yesterday and getting back to doing all my usual stuff is exactly what I need. Thanks again for all the good wishes.

So good that I'm better, as I'm playing a few traditional and self-penned tunes at a gig on Sunday evening in Brighton. If my Myspace page ever lets me add new info, I'll put the details on my gig list there, but in case you are local and you'd like to come here are the details.

This Sunday 18th December, Waterloo press is holding a Christmas party at Iambic Theatre, Regent Street, Brighton. The entrance is just North of the Komedia rear entrance. Come and hear 4 poets reading their work and me playing violin. Book stall and rum punch!! All starting at 7pm and finishing around 10pm. £5/4 It's small venue, so be early if you want to ensure your seat!

So, on that note of optimism, I'm going to check the skies to see if a storm is about to lash in before stepping outside into the gale.

Ps. Good job I checked, I just got blown back in through the front door with a face full of hail!!