Sunday, 4 December 2011


You get the picture?

I took this shot in Wales this Summer thinking it was funny. I had no idea that a rusty old sign on a little mountain railway track would sum up a week in December.

A bicycle going at speed crossed paths with me a few days ago and I came off the worst. No broken bones, thankfully. But I have bruises that look like new islands on an atlas page and a headache that makes me weep in my worst moments. I have yet to find out if my violin has come through unscathed. I can't play it to fully find out.

So, I have been "elsewhere" in a fog of shock and fury, lulled by the radio. Sleep has been my friend and I've spent most of my wakeful hours watching the comings and goings of the birds in the garden.

But things are looking up. Yesterday, I had a slow limping walk in the sun and managed to scrawl a few angry words in my notebook about tarmac and Lycra and go faster lines. Today, I have kinder thoughts in my head and can type a bit. A new poem is in the making, I think.

It's great to hear I've won a giveaway from Fiona's blog. It's a set of little notebooks that will be in my pocket on my walks and meanderings. Thanks again, Fiona.

And thanks to everyone who has sent me good wishes. I'll be out and about again soon.