Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Within reach

Feels like I'm starting to see the daylight again. 46, 743 words have taken their toll. But feels like I'm within reach of the target of 50,000. Once I'm past that, I'm going to have another novel free day. And beyond that? Slow down!!

I can feel myself running out of steam and I've developed a cough that frightens the birds away. Guess it's not helped by being indoors typing typing typing! The only thing for it, if I can stay awake, is to stroll the beach and touch the kind of mindless drift that waits for me there.

Great timing that the Pigbaby poetry festival starts in town tonight. Sure to spark off a few interesting ideas. If I retain my voice I'll be putting my name on the open mike list to read something recently penned. So, if you're in Brighton, why not come and hear a whole range of poets and poetry?

Wordcount - 46743
Last line - She comes through the crowd, looking for someone, seeking them out like a beast snuffles for truffles or acorns in an oak wood bedded with dry golden leaves.