Friday, 4 November 2011

Strange tilt

The world has taken on a strange tilt. Reason being, I'm bleary-eyed after writing so many words these last few days. Today, a wave of tiredness hit me, left me brain dead and asking - Sketching a novel in 30 days? Am I insane? All because of Nanowrimo. Yes. And I chose to do it for a reason that seems to escape me at the moment.

11008 words so far. Another 800 or so in my notebook waiting to be typed into the computer and added to that total. A job for tomorrow, I think.

Happy that I reached my 10,000 by Saturday aim.
Daunted by how much more I need to write.
Aching across my shoulders. Typing and playing the violin are a bad combination, obviously. They do sound quite good together, though. (Groan. See what's happened to me?)
Hopeful that it will feel better again in a couple of days.
Looking forward to well-earned day off writing on Monday.

Today's last line - In that simple village hall, how many shoes have been worn out? How many fiddle strings?