Thursday, 17 November 2011

Red tab

It's a complicated. You have all these jigsaw pieces littering your floor and no picture to help you. Some pieces fit snugly together, create a sense of a bigger scene. It threads out and away into another room so it's impossible to get an overview. A few other pieces are shaped differently, more angular, cut from different board. You like them, but they might even be from another jigsaw.

In progress, my sketchy new novel. I was trying to do this year's Nanowrimo differently. Trying to avoid the chaos that has run through my other tries and attempting to learn new things about writing a large work as I go. However, it seems like the words are on the run and loving every minute. And I'm weary, sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by all those jigsaw pieces, wondering how to ever make them all fit.

So it was interesting yesterday, when the tiredness got to me, that a new character breezed in like a red tab on empty pages and before I knew it, I had written another 4 pages of text. I promptly went for a walk by the sea and fell asleep in a rare glimpse of the sun.

36051 words so far.
Last line - Something church-like about the resonance, as if the walls are still humming every sound they ever heard.