Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Some people preferred to ignore the whole mutual admiration proceedings and got back to their novel.

Who could blame them? 60 miles from London to Brighton in an old boneshaker probably made it impossible to read on the way.

Every November, the members of the Royal Automobile Club hold their annual run down to Brighton. And now that I live just 87 steps away from the finish line I have no excuses not to go. Spectators line the route for most of the way on the back roads as the cars reach top speeds of about of 25mph and attempt to whizz past like Toad of Toad Hall. Some are still powered by steam, many required a bit of a rebuild on the way, hopefully near a nice country pub that brought them a cheese sandwich and a pint of shandy. All you old car buffs need to take a look here.

If you'd like to join them, please note that your car has to have been manufactured before 1905 to qualify! Most are polished and decked out to perfection.

I love the battered ones as well as the shiny ones. A few are for sale. Nice purchase if you have a heavy piggy bank and a barn to keep your precious car in.

You could always ride down on your Penny Farthing......

Or drive down in your road engine.....

And after a race to the sea, many of them can't make it home again, so have to be hauled onto trucks and trailers just like this one!

Like the girl in the first photo, I have a novel to get back to. Great to have a few distractions on Sunday and Monday before I resumed the wordrush.

Wordcount is 21657.
Last line - Never practice music in a room with a view.