Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wires and Welsh weather

Go on! Before you scroll down. Guess what happened next.
(Back in July when I was in Wales.)

Wires and Welsh weather high up on the pass near Snowdon. The ice cream van behind us in this car park was still doing a brisk trade selling cones to bikers.

I had the window open, listening to the rain fall into all that space. And just as I was thinking that those raindrops looked like notes on a music stave......I wasn't fast enough with the camera to snap what happened next.

At one point, the whole family was lined up on those wires, with fluffy babes in dull coats. And then, before they all swooped off over the wall into their chattering hawthorn home, this one came to check if we had any biscuits....

We didn't, but he hung around just in case.