Tuesday, 6 September 2011

That September feeling

Just a few days ago, before the dark swept in, before the gales found
the shore, before I ironed smart shirts and brushed sand from my shoes, I sat at the plot in the shade of the apple tree watching the bees visit every mint stem. The following morning, the tide fell low and I walked in the shallows for further than I've walked here without stepping on stones.

Now that feels like it was in another season!! I'm missing my sandals already, wondering if I should just put them away. Three days of weather and I'm like a caged creature pacing the floor.

Bonus is - back to work and resuming all the things that get left to one side in the Summer, my creative work is raising hands to wave at me. Better without the yawning spaces. Too much freedom makes my work hunch away from the attention. It prefers to be part of the everyday, the usual, the mundane.

So maybe it's okay after all to be listening to the rain beat the house. (I'm hoping it might do a bit of window washing for me as well while it's at it!) That September feeling has got me.